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  .55", Boys Anti-Tank rifle. Mark 1, Mark 1*, Mark 2 (U.K. and Canada)

The Ammunition

   Picture shows 1x .50BMG round and 2x .55 Boys rounds.

All Boys ammunition was originally supplied on 5 round stripper clips, 2 clips per small fabric pouch (see image below). Drill rounds were available as well as lightweight aluminum cored training rounds. The dimensions of the .55 Boys case are so similar to that of the .50BMG case that it is highly likely that the Boys ammunition was evolved from the 50BMG case, the base diameter, length and diameter of the portion of the case on the upper side of the belt is exactly the same. Re-sizing a .50 case in .55 dies produces a case that will chamber easily in the .55 rifle but the angle of the slope on the case neck is slightly different and so would need fire-forming, and naturally the case needs trimming. Australian owners of .55 Boys rifles have successfully modified 50BMG cases after passing them through a .55 die, trimming the case to 3.90" and using epoxy to bond a ring to the case to from a belt. The advantage of using these cases are that they are both plentiful and often Boxer primed.

Boys belted case on the right.

Case dimensions:

.55 Boys Case length (unfired)*     3.90 3.904

 Bullet, OD     0.562   [max 0.564]

 Bullet, length (AP)    1.95 - 1.963

 Belt, OD    0.850

 Section immediate above belt, OD*     0.80   [0.790]

 Base, OD *      0.80   [0.798]

 Neck, OD, measured 1/8 before case mouth (unfired)    0.601

 Neck, OD, measured 1/8 before case mouth (fired)    0.614 0.618

 Neck, ID, measured at case mouth (resized)    0.561

 Neck, ID, measured at case mouth (fired)    0.569 0.574

 *same as .50BMG) 


Not all Boys ammunition was armor piercing, light weight training rounds were manufactured, as well as tracer rounds.

Above: Middle is tracer (head stamp to the left), right is 15mm BESA for comparison.

Below, Kynoch drawing of .55 case, click for larger image.


Primer, Percussion, Kynoch No. 153A    Diameter 0.317, Depth 0.154

Primer, Percussion, CCI No. 35 for 50BMG (for comparison)    Diameter 0.317, Depth 0.213

Above: A selection of Canadian made ammunition pouches for the Boys rifle.

Below: Wooden ammunition crate holding 160 rounds.







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